There is an
airport shuttle from the Spokane Airport to Moscow.


Latah County Fairgrounds 208 883-5722
tent camping (free); RV camping, some full hookups available

Robinson Park  (Latah County Parks and Recreation 208 883-5709)
tent camping; RV parking, some hookups

Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts

Peterson Barn Guesthouse  
Little Green Guest House  208-669-1654
Sixth Street Retreat  208-669-0763
Andriette's Bed, Book, and Bicycle  208-596-9701 


Royal Motor Inn (208 882-2581)

Super 8 (208 883-1503)

Best Western University Inn (208 882-0550)

and others


There are at least 5 restaurants within 2 blocks of the Fairgrounds.

SAFEWAY supermarket is right across the street from the Fairgrounds.

There are a number of restaurants in downtown Moscow, including two of our favorites:

The Moscow Food Coop
The Breakfast Club